Aging in Place

Time to fix-up that exteriorscape (and add some value to the house)

It is spring for the moment at my house- after a very long and dreary winter.  I can’t tell you how many days this week it snowed!  So, for now, it is spring.

So, I have been assessing my view from the front street as an unbiased observer (hard to do since I do all the yard work) and I have made some notes about what I need to do to make the exteriorscape more inviting or as it is often called, give the house “curb appeal.” 

I actually started last summer with the first stage and that was to re-point the water damaged grout between the bricks, then seal and paint the brick facade. 


The entry looked much better after the brick was painted and updated too.  Just be sure to use a sealer designed specifically for masonry before painting any masonry, otherwise the brick will remain porous and the paint will absorb into the brick and you will have a mess on your hands, not to mention, you will get to repaint in a very short time.

This is what the house looked like this very morning- can’t see much of it, huh? The pine tree was going to have to go…  So, I called up a couple tree removers in town and got some bids.  Garrett Steinfeldt of Steinfeldt Lawn Care ( gave me the best deal.  I also scheduled a delivery of 14 tons of 1” river rock.  So, the journey has begun… I have to go shovel, have a great week.  I will update as I go and share my steps to a frugal and budget-minded exteriorscape with curb appeal.


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