Aging in Place

And the exterior spruce up continues!

This week has been a busy week with lots of shoveling and tree removals, etc.  Here is what the exteriorscape looked like last Saturday morning:

Can’t see much of the house, huh?  The tree had to go- not only did it hide the house, it had a bug that was causing sap to flow down the outside of the tree.   I scheduled a truckload of rock (14 tons) and priced tree removal.  Both were scheduled for last Saturday.








So, the fun began!  This is what 14 tons of 1” river rock looks like.  Just as an idea of what 14 tons weighs- 28,000 pounds.  Should you undertake this endeavor I highly recommend a great pair of gloves (Fred Meyer), band aids (lots), sturdy shoes, a good wheel barrow and shovel (and someone to shovel…). 

I limited my time shoveling so I would be able to walk the next days.  I really have no idea how many loads I have done.   I am surprised that I am not more sore than I am- (I am not the most athletic person).   I actually feel good doing this and seeing the improvements in the yard.   Here is a shot of what the yard looks like today.   Not done but certainly much better than it was.   I have been shoveling a couple hours in the evenings.   My child has, on occasion, helped me rake the piles down.

I have saved a lot of money by doing this work myself.  One of my students did offer to shovel for $10 per hour.  If I add up the time I have spent shoveling and multiply it out, I have saved a great deal of money.  In addition to the cleaned up look of the yard I can look forward to savings resulting from using less water, less pollution from running the lawn mower a shorter time and less time cutting the grass! Wow!

Next steps are to finish up with the rock, plant the flowers I have been gathering from sales (Fred Meyer had a great deal on plants – buy 2 get one free) and I am always scouting the discount areas at the stores I am in. Today I found half price Columbine (a hardy perennial that grows well in partial shaded areas) at Lowes and tulip and hyacinth bulbs at Wal-Mart – regularly $4-6 for $1! I stocked up on as many as I could find. Yup, they have bloomed for this year but with patience, they will bloom again for years to come.   At that kind of a bargain, I can wait.

I will continue this next week with more frugal fix-up tips.  Thanks for reading and please, let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions! 

Oh, thought I should add a shot of my critics:


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