14 Tons of river rock and lots of rain.

Simple and Divine Interior Design

The exteriorscape is continuing…  Despite the rain!  I completed the horrendous job of shoveling 14 tons of rock from the front street to the yard beds.  The change in the look of the house is amazing since the huge pine has been removed and the juniper that was next to the house has also been removed.  Here is a photo of the current state of the exteriorscape and one of the rock before it was placed:


Next step will be to take care of those nasty fence posts- some spray paint will vastly improve their appearance. I would ideally like to remove them but with two dogs, it isn’t an option at this point in time.

Of course, a good mowing is called for as is edging to keep the rock separated from the grass.

Here are some money saving tips for landscaping:

1) Rock is permanent- it isn’t going to break down or erode over time.

2) Rock, if purchased locally from what rocks are prevalent in the area, is pretty darn inexpensive.

a. I purchased the 1” river rock from Parson’s Excavating- they sell the rock for $14 per ton and if you have a pick-up truck, you can do this very frugally.

b. The rock supplier is able to tell you how much you will need if you can supply them with the area. This is easy to compute- take your length and multiply it by how wide you want to cover and then multiply it by the depth. BUT, like I said, they can help you if you just provide the length of the area and how wide it is.

3) Have a plan in mind before you set out. Plan a budget but add 20% on to the cost- that way, there is a built in contingency for unexpected things that crop up.

4) The smaller rock (1” river rock or smaller) doesn’t take as much to haul as the larger diameter rock does. It takes a lot more energy and strength to pick up the larger rocks and get them moved.

a. An added bonus to the smaller rock is that the Hobo Spiders are not able to find homes in the smaller rocks like the larger rocks. In my opinion, that makes 1” river rock a really a good choice!

So, I will continue on and keep you updated. I am happy to say my classes are complete this week and I actually have a week to concentrate on continuing the spruce up. Now, if the rain will go away and give me the opportunity to do something! Please feel free to e-mail me (alesha@aechurba-design.com) with any questions, comments or concerns. Take care!


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