Aging in Place

What does my mailbox say about me?

I have been so busy teaching and volunteering at my daughter’s school (Cre-Act had their yearly performance of their wonderful school play all last week) that my house has taken a momentary back seat.  I had all of the windows replaced and boy, what a job that was!  Phoenix Lumber supplied the windows and I had a private contractor install.  Couple suggestions if you have this done- 1) Make sure your new windows are Energy Star Rated. 2) Check with your accountant or whoever does your taxes to make sure that the windows you are interested in qualify for the energy tax incentive program (up to 30% of the cost can be tax deductable this 2009 budget year- there is a cap to it though). 3) Be prepared for chaos and unexpected costs to crop up- a suggestion is to have a contingency fund in case something crops up). 4). Really be prepared for chaos…



So, onto the mailbox- I have to say, it was pretty darn unsightly- rusty, crooked, ugly, you name it.  So, in my quest to update and beautify my exteriorscape on a budget, we fixed it up instead of replacing.  The mailbox itself was just fine, it actually was replaced last fall because it no longer closed. 

First things first, I purchased a primer spray paint that would inhibit rust.  I set my daughter loose on this task.  We were outside and it was well ventilated.  I highly suggest a tarp under your space too.  Paint on a sidewalk (or anywhere) is pretty darn permanent.  After insisting that she let it dry fully (room temperature to touch, not sticky) and teaching her to spray lightly to prevent dripping, we had a primed mailbox.  We also used painters tape to cover the street numbers and the flag.  It was very easy to remove them when we were all done.

We chose a textured spray paint that would complement the house and it matched the fence color.  We put two coats of paint on the base and box – (hint- make sure the paint is for exterior use).  After it dried totally, we took off the painters tape and put a mailbox cover on that matched the season.  I love these covers- they are vinyl, not that expensive and they can be changed with the seasons.  The mailbox can be left plain too because it is painted underneath.  Ta-da! 

Nice little color spot and not a budget buster.  If you have any questions, please e-mail me at  Take care and happy spring!


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