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What in the heck is a “comfort height” toilet anyway?

Have you ever wondered what is meant by the term “comfort height” toilet?  (I know, weird subject).  When I worked at Home Depot as a Kitchen/Bath Designer I often helped customers in the plumbing aisles.  One thing that I would always suggest when a customer was looking at buying a new toilet, or water closet as it is called in the Architectural Industry, was to look at buying a “comfort height” toilet.

A comfort height toilet is one that is just a little bit higher than a regular toilet.  (An average, residential toilet is between 14” and 16” tall).  The height of a “comfort height” seat can be found anywhere between 17” and 19” high.  The best seat height is right at 18” but if you found a toilet that you really liked its features, then I would say you are good to go with a height in that range. 

So, why make the “Comfort” choice?  Because it is much easier getting on and off- not just if you have limited mobility either.  It is also easier on the legs while sitting if the seat is in the higher range.  Of course, the size of the person using the bathroom should be considered if possible: if Aunt Martha is 4’10”, the “Comfort Height” probably would not provide comfort.  Accessible limitations should be considered too.

Another good choice is to choose the “elongated bowl.”  Why?  Because it fits the shape of the body more naturally.  I kind of think the round bowl is reminiscent of out-houses…

So, with those thoughts in mind, if you are remodeling your bathroom, consider your vast choices and consider those that are or will be living there.  Wouldn’t it be easier to plan for the future and make some “comfort” choices now?  If you have any questions, or comments, please let me know.  Take care.   


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