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Consider Switching Your Plug and Lighting Locations When Remodeling

Thinking about investing in your future by remodeling your home?  Consider re-examining the position of the electrical plug and changing your choice of light switch style.  Simple changes like the height of the plug and the style of the light switch will make it much easier to reach not just as you age but also right now in your daily life.

The normal height of the electrical plug is generally one foot to the center of the receptacle above the floor (in the United States).  Why is it this way?  Because that was settled upon many years ago and was easy for electricians and contractors to remember so it became the normal location.  Is there a code requiring that it be a foot of the floor? Nope: it is just the way it has been done.  Is there a better place? Yes!  You bet!  Place it eighteen inches (a foot and a half) to twenty four inches (two feet) to the center of the receptacle off the floor.  Imagine the ease of reaching over to plug the phone charger in and not having to stoop down and bend over to reach that plug!

Consider the light switch.  Normal little up and down thingy next to the door, right?  What if you chose to have a rocker switch with an illuminated switch plate?  Easy to reach, turn on and off and safety at night.  The location should be re-examined as well.  The height should be lower than the traditional four feet off the floor to the center of the light switch.  A better location would be to place it three feet off the floor to the center of the light switch.  You will be able to reach it when you are 83 and ever so slightly hunched and your child or grandchildren will be able to turn off the lights right now.

Not sure about the locations, styles or choices?  Consider consulting with a CAPS.  They can help you with locations, choices and options.  Do not let “tradition” keep you from having comfort and convenience in your home.  Small changes make a huge difference in making things more convenient.


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