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Choose a Lever-style Door Knob if Designing to Age In Place

Small, functional choices like lever door knobs installed throughout the home now will help you if you plan to age in place later and also help now in your day-to-day living.  Let’s face it, we all prefer to not think about the limitations that may happen as our bodies grow older.   Arthritis, weaker muscles, and general aging tend to happen gradually and could begin to hamper everyday tasks. 

Some simple planning now like changing door handles to a lever style rather than the traditional round knob can make things so much easier.  For example, look at the door below:


This door knob is round and with a simple change of door style handle to a lever type handle even if you have limited dexterity, you will be able to open doors easier.  In fact, you do not have to have limited dexterity to benefit from this style: ever tried to open a a door with a load of groceries in your arms?

The door above has a lever handle.  There are many varieties on the market ranging from very basic to very ornate.  Choosing this style of door handle is being pro-active for your future.  According to the ADA, door handles should be easy to take hold of and not need to be twisted with the wrist.  The lever handle definitely fits this definition.

Think ahead and plan now for your future by being pro-active.  Install lever door handles for easy access and you will benefit both now and as you age.  


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