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More Information on This Aging in Place Idea

John and ElsieOver the last little while, I have been filling you in on Elsie and John, a senior couple who live in their fifty year old home but are choosing to look for a home that they can live safely and comfortably in through their mature senior years. 

Recently, while visiting with their friends Tilly and Harold, another mature senior couple, they discussed their search. Harold mentioned he has been seeing more and more information on this Aging in Place idea.

John explained how Aging in Place is making the news lately because so many homeowners are in the same boat as they are: their home is nice to look at but it just isn’t functional for them as they are becoming more mature seniors. Remodelers, builders and homeowners are beginning to take notice of the need to prepare the homes for ease of living when seniors reach their later years. He further stressed that they were not interested in a home that felt institutional but it did need to be safe, comfortable and low maintenance.Tilly and Harold

John went on to explain some of the areas they were evaluating as they were looking around. The bathroom, kitchen and living areas are their main focal areas.

Tilly piped in and said all they needed to do was add some of those ugly grab bars in the bathrooms and they were good to go. John replied that, “Yes, grab bars on the walls around the toilet in the bath room are a very good idea, but there is far more to this idea like choosing one of those taller toilets. A raised height toilet is just plain easier to use, right Harold?”

Harold nodded, and John continued, “Did you know there are walk-in showers with low curbs so you can just go in? Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to have Harold help you get over the edge of the bathtub Tilly? There are even recommendations to leave an open space under the sink so that a wheel chair can get in if it became necessary. That would have been really helpful when I had my hip replaced last year. I wouldn’t have had to spend so much time at that awful assisted living facility.”

“Another thing we are adamant about is flooring that is slip resistant. We are partial to the laminates and engineered wood because of the low maintenance and safety. I hate having my daughter have to come over to clean the floors since our current floor is so slippery when it is wet. I can still picture Elsie having to help me up when I slipped on a melted ice cube in the kitchen that time.” Elsie nodded in agreement.

“We also want lighting that is dimmable so we can adjust it. I am so tired of having to sit in the dark because I don’t want to spend all that money on lighting when I am just watching Oprah!” They all laughed and Tilly and Harold got ready to leave.

“I want to talk more about this,” said Harold. “Maybe we can’t move but it sounds like those are some good ideas you have. We will have to talk more, maybe next week when we get together.”


3 thoughts on “More Information on This Aging in Place Idea”

  1. he he This is brilliant. This would make a great commercial for aging-in-place. No selling. Just common sense changes that everyone agrees would be helpful from real people.

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