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An Aging in Place Couple Remodel Their Bedroom

iStock_000007651769XLargeTilly and Harold, a couple of mature seniors living in their fifty year old home, are ready to remodel their bedroom so that they can remain in their home but be comfortable and safe. There are several things they will want to include in their bedroom remodel to help prepare their home for their long term comfort. They have been working with a CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist) they located through the NAHB website  to help them navigate this process. Since Tilly and Harold want to know as much as they can to help them understand what they should be thinking about, they also consulted many different sources like the checklist by AdaptMy  for information. They started a list of wants and needs to discuss with their CAPS.

While reading, they discovered the bedroom can potentially be an unsafe place without taking some extra precautions. Lighting, heat sources, and communications are the main things that they need to consider when looking to make their bedroom a safe place.

As they sat at the table, they began to make a list of things they will want to remember to do, “Harold, we need to make sure the lamps are closer to the bed. I don’t want to have to search for the light anymore.”bed and nightstand with slippers

Harold wrote it down on the list. “It says here we should try to eliminate as many cords as possible. Guess I should get rid of that power strip with our C PAP plugs, the clock and the lamps all plugged into it. Maybe we should make sure there are more outlets installed in the remodel. I guess that gal was right when she said we should consider it. I didn’t realize it is a fire hazard. I guess they are tripping hazards.”

“Harold, we really should put in those nightlights she talked about too. Every night you are bumping into the leg of the bed. You would think after fifty years of living here, you would know where it is. We should put one in the hallway and in the bathroom too so we don’t wake each other up or blind ourselves on our nightly bathroom trips to the bathroom.”

“What do you think about these samples for the floor and walls? I think the contrast is nice, lighter walls and a medium carpet color. Should be easy to navigate and not walk into the wall even without my glasses on,” said Tilly.

“Whatever you like dear; I don’t care about those things. I like that it isn’t too yellow.”

“I need to remember to ask our gal if we have to give up our electric blanket, I don’t want to,” mentioned Tilly. “I get so chilly during the winter, especially when I have had a quiet day.”

“I thought we asked about that and she said we could use them but to make sure it isn’t set too high and it isn’t tucked in or have blankets piled on top of it. Remember that burn I got from falling asleep with the heating pad years ago? I still remember that burn.”

“I think with the new layout of the room, with the bed away from the radiator, I won’t have to worry about my blanket getting near it and catching on fire. I read where burns are a large cause of accidental death among seniors. It has really made me worry but with the bed moved, I will be able to relax.”

“Oh, the gal mentioned putting the cell phone near the bed. Guess it makes sense so we can reach it if there is an emergency. I really like the idea of it being pre-programmed like she said. I can’t see the numbers on there even with my glasses on,” said Harold, grinning.camera_phone_2

“Harold, we both tend to miss the phone ringing in the other room so I think we will be able to hear it if it is next to the bed.  Good idea.”

“I like this layout and these ideas the CAPS gal is suggesting. Shall we get this remodel project started? The sooner we get this taken care of, the sooner I can get a good nights’ sleep!”

About Alesha E. Churba. A.E.Churba Design: Simple and Divine Interior Design. Alesha is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist with experience in Residential and Commercial Interior Design and Decorating in Southeast Idaho. She designs with her clients futures in mind (i.e. aging in place, color story investment, and designing for the long term safety and comfort of her clients). Alesha resides in Pocatello, Idaho. (208) 313-6414.


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