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An Aging in Place Kitchen Evaluation

Elsie in PinkElsie and John are looking for find a home that will work for their mature senior living. They are hoping that with the recent attention that aging in place is getting that they will find a home that will provide them with the safety, comfort and low maintenance that they want and need.

Elsie was talking to Beth about the open house she and John had walked through just this morning.

“Beth, we are getting so discouraged with trying to find the perfect home. The home we looked at today was better than some we have seen but just not exactly right.”

“What did this house have that worked,” asked Beth.Beth (2)

“Well, it had an open floor plan with wide aisles and the kitchen was actually zoned. It would work great when John and I are both in the kitchen. The appliances were far enough apart but not too far that walking between them would get to be too much. The sink had lever handles and a pull-out faucet and there was a beautiful stove that worked on something called induction. The realtor mentioned that we couldn’t get burned because it only warmed the food or something like that. John seemed to know all about induction from his Metallurgy days. I only caught that we couldn’t get burned.”

“The microwave was actually not above the oven but was at counter level. ohm and I actually got to see one of those drawer style dishwashers you had mentioned you had read about too. Beth, it would be fabulous! You should look into one for yourself!”

“Oh, is it? See, that article I read did say it was great,” mentioned Beth.

“The flooring was great too. It was that new laminate that looked just like tile. It almost fooled me until I noticed it wasn’t so hard under my feet. I would not mind having to do dishes standing on it.”

Elsie continued, “The sad thing was that with all of those positives, the negatives were pretty significant. The cabinets were really high, you know, like the ones I had told you about from the open houses? They looked pretty but we couldn’t use them and I don’t want to have to worry about dusting them. Only good thing about them was they had lighting underneath.”range with front controls

“Elsie, why would you worry about dusting cabinets if you wouldn’t use them? I think that is silly. ”

“True, just would be a waste of cabinets and they would just catch all the junk, you know your cousin: out of sight, out of his mind.” They both laughed. “I want shallow cabinets that are lower. I read where you could have shallow shelves less than a foot deep, they would be perfect. ”

“I didn’t see any roll-outs or pull-outs either. I have that now and don’t think I would want to live without them.”

“So, besides the tall cabinets, what else was wrong?” Asked Beth

“The main thing was our refrigerator wouldn’t fit because it is an older home. Did I ever tell you about your cousin when he cut out the wall to fit our refrigerator at the Sierra Street house? He worked and worked to make room and he even had to cut the cabinet above the refrigerator to make it fit. He couldn’t do that again; he doesn’t have the strength and we couldn’t expect the boys to do it. That refrigerator of ours is not that old and John wouldn’t even consider getting a new one,” said Elsie.

“Oh, and it had tiled countertops that weren’t in good shape. I don’t want that! Can you imagine the coffee stains in the grout and what if John dropped the dishes bringing them out of the cupboards like he does? It was just the deal breaker. I want either the quartz, a solid surface or a regular laminate. I was looking at those beautiful new countertops that are laminate but look like stone. John could drop something on those and I don’t think they will break as easily.”

“Well, I guess that was just not the right house for you. You two are really having a hard time, aren’t you? Maybe you should move closer to me and we could get together more often than we do now,” said Beth.

“That is an idea but I don’t think we can move away from the kids. We would really never get to see them. Worse than we do now. I don’t know what we are going to do.”

“Well Elsie, don’t give up. It will happen,” replied Beth.

“I know, I just wish we could find a place and get moved and settled. I am tired of looking. Love you Beth.”

“Love you too Elsie. Give that cousin of mine a hug from me and tell him to put in his hearing aids so we can carry on a conversation on the phone!”

“I will. Talk to you soon. Bye Beth.”

About Alesha E. Churba. A.E.Churba Design: Simple and Divine Interior Design. Alesha is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist with experience in Residential and Commercial Interior Design and Decorating in Southeast Idaho. She designs with her clients futures in mind (i.e. aging in place, color story investment, and designing for the long term safety and comfort of her clients). Alesha resides in Pocatello, Idaho. (208) 313-6414.


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