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An Aging in Place Couple Search for a Home: Finishes Choices

Elsie and JohnElsie and John are looking for find a home that will work for their mature senior living. They are hoping that with the recent attention that aging in place is getting that they will find a home that will provide them with the safety, comfort and low maintenance that they want and need.

Elsie was talking to Beth about another open house she and John had walked through just this morning.  “Beth, I am really getting discouraged with this search for a home that we can, first of all, afford on a limited retirement income, and two, that has finishes that are easy to maintain and safe for us.”"Beth"

“I know everyone is all into the expensive finishes and the wow factor but honestly Beth, we just want something we can take care of and looks decent.  We don’t need all of the shiny hardwood and marble.  I can’t take care of that and frankly, I don’t want to be stuck having to pay someone to come in and take care of it,” said an exasperated Elsie.

010_08“Well, exactly, what are you looking for Elsie?” asked Beth.  “Maybe if you list what you do want, you can get a builder to help you.”

“It seems builders are all doing the same thing.  When I spoke to the gentleman today he said that the finishes we are finding are what buyers are looking for.  It isn’t what we are looking for!”

“We are looking for flooring that will be heavy-duty enough to resist wear but also be comfortable to walk on.  I really want the laminates that look like hard wood or even an engineered wood floor with some texture to it for safety.  They are also resistant to scratches and I wouldn’t have to worry about the grandkids spilling on the floor and it leaving a mark.  I think I could actually stand and fold clothes or work in the kitchen without my legs hurting on that floor instead of on hard tile.  It kills my legs after even a little while on tile.”

“I saw some beautiful Armstrong vinyl flooring that would be perfect for the bathroom.  It wouldn’t have seams and would be sturdy.  It wouldn’t be slippery and it is really much easier to care for than the traditional tile I see in every bathroom I walk in.” 

“I would love to see a homebuilder use good old fashioned laminate on kitchen counters.  I saw the new patterns by Formica and they look so much like granite, I can’t imagine why they don’t use them.”

“I hear you, Elsie.  I had my handyman put vinyl in my kitchen even though he said that everyone wanted tile.  I didn’t want to have to worry about the grout and all of that.  It is a good thing I went with the vinyl too because when my dishwasher leaked, I just had to dry the floor and it was just fine,” said Beth.00427796 

“The builder who was showing the house today had no idea what I was talking about and he just shook his head at me Beth!  I was so frustrated.  I felt like he was even talking down to me!  Would you believe they had an off-white carpet in most of the rooms?  I would be crazy trying to keep them clean.  I need something in a darker, variegated color that will disguise the dirt.  I don’t have the energy or muscle power to be cleaning floors every other day or some such non-sense,” said Elsie in an exasperated tone.

“Oh, uh-huh, I know what you mean.  That seems to be the “in” thing though.  That and the light tile.  I am with you on using a darker flooring.  It is easier for me to see the floor too with my eyes if it is darker next to a lighter wall color.  I don’t think builders understand that,” said Beth.

“Speaking of light wall color, everything was dark and taupe, I think.  John always says I am not seeing the colors right.  He says I see colors more yellow than he does.  We are always disagreeing on color.  Anyhow, dark wall colors and a horrible flat paint that would mark if I even bumped it.  Could you imagine after a couple months of bumping things into walls, what the walls would look like?  I just don’t know Beth,” said Elsie in a dejected tone.

“Beth, I don’t honestly know what we are going to do at this rate.  We don’t have a lot of money, as you know.  Especially with John’s pension and our small Social Security checks.  We don’t have $200,000 to spend on a home.  We are really feeling exasperated at this whole process.”

“Elsie, you just have to keep at it, you will find something.  Something will turn up.  You just have to keep looking is all.  I have to go, I need to take my medication.  Tell John I send my love.”

“I will.  Thanks Beth, I will talk to you next week. Love you, bye bye,” said Elsie as she hung up the phone.


2 thoughts on “An Aging in Place Couple Search for a Home: Finishes Choices”

    1. Where can a person find Virag Habitat flooring in the United States? This looks like a great product but maybe hard for a senior to locate.

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