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An Aging-In-Place Couple Learn About Toilet Choices

Tilly and Harold were looking at a toilet at the local big box store.  “What do you think this means Tilly?”  Harold was pointing at a description of a toilet with the description comfort height.” 


A nice, young man with a vest came over and answered, “a comfort height (registered trademark of Kohler brands) toilet is one that is just a little bit higher than a regular toilet.  An average, residential toilet is between 14” and 16” tall.  The height of a “comfort height seat can be found anywhere between 17” and 19” high.  The best seat height is right at 18” but if you found a toilet that you really liked its features, then I would say if it is in that range, you are good to go.”  

Harold put his hand to his chin and said, “So, why make the Comfort choice?”

The young man said in a slightly louder than a whisper voice, “because it is much easier getting on and off- not just if you have limited mobility either.  It is also easier on the legs while sitting if the seat is in the higher range.  Of course, the size of the person using the bathroom should be considered if possible, for instance, if your lovely wife here was 4’10”, the Comfort Height probably would not provide comfort.  You would want to consider accessible limitations too.”

“Well young man, that sounds like something we should have,” said Tilly.

“Another good choice is to choose the elongated bowl.”

“Why?” asked Tilly.

“Because it fits the shape of the body more naturally.  I kind of think the round bowl is reminiscent of out-houses!” exclaimed the young man. “I take it you are considering remodeling?”

“Yes, we are, so things are safer for us,” said Harold. 

“There are many choices but I would really suggest those two items be placed on the top of your list of choices.  They are safer and more comfortable too,” said the young man.  “Do you have any other questions for me?”

“No, you have been so helpful!  Thank you so much young man,” said Tilly. 

“We will keep looking.  Thank you,” said Harold.

“You are very welcome.  Have a nice rest of your day,” said the nice young man as he walked toward the back of the store.


4 thoughts on “An Aging-In-Place Couple Learn About Toilet Choices”

  1. You are so cool to print these tips, love your blog and your picture Alesha!

  2. You’re right, I’m sure there are qualified employees at the big box store. I guess my point is that service and knowledge are more accessible and consistant with a designer. The employees at the big box stores tend to move around alot.

  3. Great advice, but I find it hard to believe a sales person in a box store had that much information off the top of his head. That is why I always recommend going to a professional designer for information before making an decisions.

    1. I agree designers are the best way to go but as a former big box kitchen and bath designer myself (who was trained to NKBA design principles), I can assure you that there are many helpful and educated big box salespeople who can help an aging in place senior out if they are looking for help with choosing a toilet.

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