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An Aging in Place Holiday

Aging In Place Holiday

Elsie and John are celebrating the holidays simply this year.  Christmas dinner is being simplified and the decorations are going to be minimal.  Why?  Because things are much harder these days for this senior couple and simplification HAS to happen.

Elsie and John sat down with pen and paper in hand to list what they want to get done and what has to be done.  Here is their list:

Must Do:

  • Get a flu shot
  • Make sure the grandkids and kids only visit if they are healthy
  • Make sure our prescriptions are filled so we don’t run out when the drug store is closed
  • Keep things simple
  • Make sure the heaters are running safely and there isn’t anything around them that could catch fire
  • Bring out the sweaters and slippers to layer for warmth
  • Call the kids and divvy-up the dinner plans (*plan to provide side dish and a dessert and they can pitch in on main dish and bring something to share)
  • Send Christmas cards only to those we regularly hear from and keep extras ready if we receive one from someone we hadn’t sent to
  • Clean up only the rooms we will be using
    • Don’t worry about the bedroom
    • Don’t worry about washing drapes, windows, etc.
  • Tell the kids if they are coming to visit they will need to bring an air mattress and sleeping bags or plan on sleeping on the sleeper bed.
    • Better yet, check out the hotel nearby with the indoor pool so the grandkids will have something to do
  • Tell the kids they are responsible for taking care of their children and feeding them while they are here.
  • Purchase gift cards for the kids and grandkids
    • Tell them they can shop the sales the day after Christmas and get some great stuff they want
  • Bring out only the decorations we love
    • Put the ones we don’t like in a pile for the kids to see what they want then we can donate the rest
  • Get some of those sprays that smell like pine instead of dealing with a live tree that we have to water, etc.
    • Put up the little pre-lit tree and John’s assorted Star Wars, Star Trek and plane ornaments.

Want to do:

  • Enjoy the kids and grandkids
  • Call our friends and wish them a Happy Holiday
  • Stay healthy
  • Get through without stressing out over the little things
    • No meltdowns over a missing juicer!
  • Make my homemade cranberries that just isn’t a holiday without it
  • Get the kids to fix a couple things we can’t do anymore
    • Remind them we aren’t able to do these things anymore and need their help

So, the plan is in place, the list is made for John and Elsie and their simplified holiday plan.

What are your plans to make the holiday easier for an Aging In Place person? 

Happy Holidays to you and yours and may you have peace and joy in the coming year.

Alesha E. Churba (A.E.Churba)


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