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An Aging In Place Discussion About the book: Small Space Organizing

Elsie and Beth are gabbing to each other on the phone since they live in two different states.  Both are Aging in Place and looking for ways to make life easier as they do so.

“I am reading a great book about Small Space Organizing by Kathryn Bechen,” said Beth to Elsie.  It has some excellent information.  “I am sending you a copy, I think you could really use this information.”Small Space Organizing by Kathryn Bechen

“Oh, Okay, I could use some organizing.”

“I think you will really like this book.  I found some excellent ideas that I have already started to use.”

“Like what?” asked Elsie.  “I am not spending anymore money on really expensive tools and contraptions.  We just don’t have the money for that.  Besides that, until we find a place, I am not adding more stuff to this house.”

“That is the great thing about this book Elsie.  It isn’t about adding stuff, it is about scaling back and making things multi-functional.  It is about changing the way you look at things and making them work.  For example, Kathryn, that’s the author, writes about using attractive kitchen containers in the bathroom to store things like cotton swabs and other little things like that so it is attractive and you can see what is in them.  John says you have things laying all over the counters so you can remember you have them: isn’t that a great way to organize it?”

“That does sound like something I could use.  I just don’t like having to root through a dark cabinet trying to find things.”

“See?  She even had an idea to use a baker’s rack in the bathroom for towels.  That way they are out in the open.  I moved a narrow, wire roll-out cart into the bathroom to store some towels on and it is working very well,” said Beth.

“Well, that’s an idea.  I have one in the spare bedroom that isn’t doing anything.”

“That is another thing she writes about Elsie; getting rid of stuff.  You have a lot of stuff don’t you?”

“Yes, John and I both tend to hold on to things.  He is horrible about keeping stuff we don’t use.  He has all of these plastic containers from food that he is re-using for left-overs instead of using the dishes in the cupboard.”

“Kathryn writes about getting all white dishes so they are uniform, even if you have mixed patterns,” Beth chimed in.

“Well that is an idea.  I already have all white towels so it’s easier to launder them all without having to sort.”

“I think you will get some great information from this book Elsie.  I know you struggle with organizing,” said Beth.  “Give some of the ideas in there a try.”

“Okay, I will look forward to receiving it.  When are you sending it?”

“I have it on the entry table, ready to go when I go out to my mailbox,” said Beth.

“Alright, I need to get going, I need to get some things done around here,” mentioned Elsie.

Me too; it is good to talk with you.  Give John my best.”

“Okay, I will.  Love you Beth.  Take care,” said Elsie.

“You too,” said Beth.

The book mentioned in this article, “Small Space Organizing” is written by Kathryn Bechen.  You can find information about this book and other great organizing tips at her website:


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