Aging in Place, Health and wellness, Senior Safety

Shoulder Surgery and Aging in Place

Laughing Man Head and ShouldersNorm, a friend of Johns, is a 60 something senior who recently had shoulder surgery.  He lives alone and was a little worried about maneuvering around the house after his surgery.  To  prepare his home he had several things done beforehand, here is a partial listing:

  • He had all of his door knobs changed to lever style handles to make it easier for him to manage.
  • Additionally, he went about placing things more at a waist-level surface so he would not have to be lifting or lowering items.
    • For instance, in the kitchen, he lowered all of the cabinet shelves so he could reach them easier.
    • He then placed the most used items on the shelves that were closest to his waist-level.
  • One very important thing he did was place the microwave  on his counter so he wouldn’t have to lift anything hot down. microwave
  • Another thing he did was put items that he needed daily in baskets or containers laying out in his bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen where he could reach them easily.
  • He had a hand held shower installed in his shower that he could manipulate easier too. It was one of the ones that attached with a hose.  It worked well for making it easier to do things one handed and actually get clean.
  • He found lots of things like grippers that could help when he couldn’t reach at a company called  socks
  • Another thing he found helped was to cut the elastic in his socks so it was easier to get them on. 

Do you have any suggestions to make it easier for Norm?  Let me know and I will post your suggestions!


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