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Guest Post: Top Tech Gadgets for Senior Citizens Who Love to Travel

(*While I do not necessarily endorse or promote any of these products, this guest post written by: Alyssa Vincent provides some helpful information for anyone traveling.)

It’s no secret that many senior citizens like to use this time in their life to travel and see new places.  Technology is helping make it easier for them, as seniors are becoming more comfortable using electronics than ever before. Here are five easy-to-use products to help seniors enhance their travel experience.

 Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W570

Seniors will want to be sure to capture special memories from their trip with the help of a camera. The Sony Cyber-Shot is one of the best camera options for simplicity of use. No need for menu knowledge, the camera’s Easy Shooting mode takes great photos without a lot of fuss. It goes into auto-settings when first powered on, allowing users to simply focus on their subject. The ultra-light camera features 16 MP and a 5X optical zoom, along with SteadyShot image stabilization for unsteady hands.  The 2.7-inch LCD screen makes it easy to check and see if they were able to get the ideal shot.

 ActiveCare Personal Assistant Link

The Personal Assistant Link or PAL can help seniors get in touch with a care specialist from anywhere in the United States in case they run into a medical issue. The one-touch system looks like a small cell phone with large buttons. With the push of a button seniors are connected to ActiveCare’s center with specialist who can help with everything from calling an ambulance to connecting them with their physician or family members. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. GPS is integral to the PAL system, allowing users’ locations to be tracked at all times. In addition, PAL is also able to detect if an individual has fallen. There is no need to press a button; the person will be immediately connected with a care specialist if a fall occurs.

Apple iPad

Although there are multiple options in laptop computers that a senior can take on the road, an iPad might be the best alternative out there. The iPad is easy to carry and store, and using it is as easy as swiping your finger across the screen. There is no need for a mouse. Among the most convenient features is the ability to zoom in on text, making it larger and easy to read. Apple’s iBook or Amazon’s Kindle apps offer books on almost any topic imaginable for seniors who love to read. They may even download travel guides to help them plan their trip.

 Innergie Duo USB Travel Charging Kit

 Innergie’s Duo USB Travel Charging Kit cuts down on having a bunch of confusing cables for charging electrical devices. Connectors are consolidated onto a single cord. The cable has multiple tips to make it compatible with cameras, smart phones, GPS units, eReaders, and more.  The kit also includes wall and auto adapters.

Garmin GPS

For seniors taking a road trip, a GPS could be one of the greatest accessories they will find. Garmin has a number of options with large touch screens that are intuitive to use. The devices are easy to set up and come preloaded with maps and directions to restaurants, hotels, shopping, and other points of interest. Garmin’s voice guide is clear and loud. In addition, directions are shown on the screen in a large, easy-to-read typeface.

What are some other great electronic devices that could be helpful to seniors who love to travel? Share your suggestions below.



2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Top Tech Gadgets for Senior Citizens Who Love to Travel”

  1. teaching your grandmother to text is a wonderful thing, its just a pity that they don’t make many phones specially for older people, I got my grandmother the SVC Tracfone because its easy to use and the big buttons makes it a whole lot less intimidating.

  2. It is too cute when senior citizens use technology. I tried to teach my grandmother how to text. It was a very interesting experience to say the least. I give all of them an A for effort!

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