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An Aging in Place Couple Learn About Preventing Falls

Elsie and John received a shocking call about their good friend who had fallen and broken their hip.  This news really bothered Elsie, especially since she noticed John was stumbling a little more these days.Elsie and John

Elsie spoke to their family doctor and he gave her a booklet that had some great ideas.  She set about making some changes around the home. 

book stackOne of the first things she did was clear up some of the clutter that had accumulated around their home.  She had her daughter help her move the furniture that was in the high traffic areas out of the way.  She also removed the throw rugs that they had in the hallways and under some of the furniture.

This worked well until John saw what they were doing and he got upset.  “Why are you picking up those rugs?  I like those there and I want you to put them back down!”

“John, you are having some problems lately with your balance and when I spoke with the doctor he suggested we follow the tips in the booklet he gave us,” said Elsie.  “I don’t want you to end up like Don and break your hip!”

“I want those down!  I won’t trip over those but I will slip on the floor.  Isn’t there a way we can get them to sit so they won’t slide around?”

BBCD05A2E90BE652_587_1“Well, I guess we can get the tape that will anchor it down.  I did notice the ones we purchased last month have a good backing, I think we are okay with those,” sighed Elsie.

“Good, now what else do we need to do?  I can help too, you know.  Unfortunately, this new medicine does make me a little unsteady at times. “

“John, why don’t you figure out how we can get those cords rearranged so they aren’t going across the floor there.  Why do we have those there?”  Elsie said pointing toward the cord crossing from the receptacle to the lamp next to the doorway.BBCD05A2E90BE652_539_2

“Good idea.  You are right, we should rearrange those.  Let’s see what we can do.  I have been meaning to get to that anyway.  What else do we need to do?” John asked as he walked toward the living room. 

tripping“I think removing the cords, anchoring the throw rugs and making sure they have good backing and also moving furniture and stuff out of the walkways will help a lot.  I feel so badly about Don, John!  Let’s keep us safe, okay?”


1 thought on “An Aging in Place Couple Learn About Preventing Falls”

  1. Another useful adjustment is the installation of a medical alert system, which provides the elderly friend or loved one with access to trained emergency responders in the event of a fall or other emergency. With a medical alert device in the home, the independent senior doesn’t need to worry about not receiving help merely because they didn’t want to surrender their independence.

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