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Guest Post: How Can a Stairlift Improve Your Independence?


Some older people do not want to live in a care home and want to remain independent with dignity. All people deserve to be comfortable within their home especially the elderly. There are many issues that can be faced in the home and these can be solved by following some simple tips below.

Many elderly people with mobility issues find that climbing stairs can be a serious barrier throughout daily life. It can have an instant effect on confidence whilst many enjoy having their own independence and livelihood which is important to living in a two story home. Mobility devices are available on the market however a stairlift is considered to be the most popular and cost effective method of home mobility transport.

It is a common myth that installing a stairlift into your home is costly, inconvenient and can damage your home. In fact there are a whole host of packages to suit your budget and many companies are committed to giving you an affordable product without any hassle. For individuals who mobility issues are likely to be temporary then there are many economical alternatives such as renting in which the device can be returned after a set period. Rental is ideal for who plan to move into new accommodation whilst a permanent purchase is perhaps more suited to those who live in their own home.

Second-hand or refurbished stairlifts offer an inexpensive way of gaining independence by providing a discounted price. Companies such as Stannah offer a free service where an engineer will provide an obligation-free quote based on your stair measurements. The key to finding the right stairlift is to investigate which type would suit your needs best and which will give you the most support and comfort.

These options will provide you with stability and you won’t have to worry about falling or straining. There is no doubt that you will have make changes within your home to make living easier. Refrain from putting objects in high places, consider placing self storage within reach distance. Your bathroom may need alternations such as hand rails, a shower seat and non-slip mats.

Hopefully after reading this article you won’t feel daunted about purchasing or renting a mobility stairlift. This purchase could be the best choice you have ever made and it will give you more freedom to enjoy your home whilst living independently.

I make no warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of this guest post and accept no liability for its use. Any opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my own.


3 thoughts on “Guest Post: How Can a Stairlift Improve Your Independence?”

  1. Great advice A.E., back-up batteries should be a standard component offered with all stair lifts. Those on a budget can look into insurance discount programs and getting doctor prescriptions, they can really save a bundle when combining with a refurbished unit. A good portion of our professional service installs are refurbished, but curved rail systems are usually installed new (hard to find refurbs). -Jim

  2. Hello! I was wondering about the second-hand stairlift, namely, the concern with anything second-hand is obviously that they may be a bit worn out and are perhaps less safe than new items. Do many second-hand stairlift vendors have guarantees, warranties, and most importantly, engineers or contractors who will come out and work on the stairlift immediately if something breaks? The people who would be using these stairlifts are not likely to conduct repairs themselves so they need assistance, and obviously, this is not something they can afford to “wait on” for a repair. Who can I go to to find inexpensive stiarlifts that come with in-house service?

    1. The guest post writer replied with this statement:

      Hello, There are an absolute variety of companies on the market that offer stairlifts both to purchase and to rent second hand. Market leaders such as Stannah Stairlifts offer second hand stairlifts, which after use, are restored to full original working order. Engineers are available with all reputable stairlift and mobility companies and these are often free to use services. It is worth investigating a local or national mobility company that can offer you great service and have an excellent reputation within your local community.

      Stairlifts are always developing in technology and many now come with built-in safety features such as a back-up battery supply. If the main power is lost then the back-up power will come into force automatically.

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