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Guest Post: Working with the Elderly – Our Comprehensive Solution to a Client’s Mobility Problems

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As someone who works with the elderly, I often provide solutions to a number of problems faced by those suffering from issues with mobility and movement. One person I have recently worked with needed a full home transformation after suffering from consistent hip problems over the last decade. Movement became a big problem and certain parts of the home became difficult for her to access. In order to resolve this issue and improve her quality of life, I was able to make numerous modifications in the home including:

  • StairliftsHP_UK-Stairlifts_thumb.jpg
  • Wheelchair
  • Mobility Scooter
  • Walk in Baths
  • Support Bars
  • Ramps
    Stairlifts can be attractive additions to a seniors’ home


The first and most obvious piece of equipment we provided for our client was an electrical wheelchair. The wheelchair allowed for ease of movement and ensured she could continue to frequent the places she would normally visit.

Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter is something that our client uses in certain situations. Mobility scooters can travel at greater speeds and can carry more load. Our client often uses the scooter when shopping at different venues  or travelling longer distances.

Lowering Bath Seat

Our client experienced considerable stress when trying to bathe. She found it difficult to bathe without being assisted into the bath and found that she would often not bathe in order to avoid the nightmare of bath time. Once we installed a bath lift, our client received the independence she sought. The lowered bath seat combined with her walk-in bath has ensured she can now enjoy her baths like she used to.

Support Bars

Support bars are essential tools that help our client around the home. It is important to install the bars in strategic areas where the person may need the most assistance. Support bars are typically installed around the bath, toilet and seating and sleeping areas.


Ramps go hand in hand with wheelchairs and one is rendered useless without the other. It is important to place ramps to cover small steps with the front door being the most common area where ramps are installed.


A stairlift can aid in mobility when aging in place.

Stairs pose a major problem for people who suffer from mobility issues. Left without adequate equipment, stairs are a truly horrendous prospect for the disabled or the elderly. In order to allow our client to negotiate the stairs easily and comfortably, we installed a remote controlled stairlift. The stairlift provides a smooth ride and comes with a swivel seat that allows the user to get on and off the lift easily.

Author Bio:

Richard Telfer is the founder of Willow Mobility, a company that offers mobility solutions for people who have difficulty with mobility and movement. Having worked with people with an array of disabilities, Richard often writes about his experiences and offers practical advice based on decades of experience. Connect with me on Google Plus to stay in touch with my latest activities, events and writing.


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