Aging in Place

Guest Post: Advanced Health styles – Safe Exercises for Senior Citizens:

For those who are entering the twilight years of their lives, many tend to lapse into a sedentary lifestyle sitting in front of the TV or sitting in a favorite chair and reading a book or doing a crossword. However, for those who are keen to retain a healthier standard of living, there are many effective exercises you can carry out that will keep your body in great shape. Exercise helps to keep bones strong, prevents high blood pressure and diabetes, and keeps you feeling both limber and mobile. However, due to the fragility of the human body as everyone gets older, you must always be cautious.

Older adults and senior citizens are more at risk of falling and injuring themselves than younger people, and they may potentially break a hip if they inadvertently fall foul of a trip hazard. Falls are a serious problem for anyone who suffers from thinning bones, so exercise on a regular basis helps to improve strength and balance. A little strenuous activity also helps you to sleep better and keeps your mind active.

There are a handful of get fit exercises that a person of any age can do to keep themselves in good shape, although you must always remember to warm up before beginning any type of workout and cool down after each workout. Try to do a form of exercise for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week, and the aim is to raise your temperature, get your heart thumping and really get your muscles working. Bear in mind that moderate amounts of exercise are better for your health than strenuous workouts that might cause injury. The best idea is to choose activities you enjoy since you will be more prone to carrying them out repeatedly in the fullness of time.

Endurance activities can assist in increasing your heart rate and are also very good for your breathing and your body’s muscles. Warmed-up muscles are more flexible, so gentle aerobic exercises will help to increase your strength and overall levels of energy. Moderate swimming relieves stress on your bones and joints as well as strengthening and stretching your arms, legs and back muscles.

Jogging and walking at a brisk pace are other highly effective endurance exercise alternatives. In fact, one of the most popular forms of exercise for older people is walking, be it inside their home or around their backyard or the surrounding neighborhood. In addition, water aerobics is a cardiovascular exercise that delivers an effective swimming pool-based, full-body workout, and the accompanying water resistance will help to strengthen your muscles when you move, as well as building stamina with very little impact.

As the name suggests, flexibility exercises focus on how lithe and supple your body is, and, particularly due to old age, the human body can become stiff and inflexible as the years pass. Although people of all ages can benefit from stretching exercises such as yoga and tai chi, yoga is typically a little difficult for senior citizens and should only be attempted if they are able to move freely between positions and have no trouble getting up and down from the floor. Tai chi is very popular amongst the older members of society due to the way it helps to control breathing, and low-impact stretching exercises can help to hamper the possibility of muscular deterioration. Arm and leg stretches are also especially effective exercises for senior citizens who are chair-bound or bed-bound.

Many strength training exercises are too intense for the elderly to perform without aid, so it is important to carry out light, easygoing activities instead of overexerting yourself and risking the possibility for injury. Using a series of light free weights can help you to retain muscle strength, while resistance bands are a cheap and easily transportable option to decide on if you would like to do exercises like bicep curls.

Finally, make sure that you take things at a leisurely pace and never push yourself to the point of severe fatigue. After all, you should never keep doing arduous and overly-exhausting exercises when it gets painful or you start to feel uncomfortable.

Advanced Healthstyles is proud to supply health and wellness products that can help seniors embrace the concept of active aging in their own lives. Whether you are in need of equipment for your home or commercial business, we are a dedicated supplier of exercise and training equipment if you want to keep in shape in your old age. Please visit our website at or call us at 855-326-6765 today to find out what we can do for you.


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