Aging in Place

Guest Post: Ways in Providing Elder Care for Couples

This guest post is written by Maya Pugh, Content Writer. 

Taking care of one elderly is easier than taking care of an aging couple. Responsibilities differ – in fact the responsibilities double because taking care of two elderly would require the caregiver to focus on both. It is easier to focus on one patient and be able to give quality care rather than two people.

To make things easier not just for the caregiver or family member that is providing care, but also for the elderly couple, here are tips that are helpful in caring for the elderly couple especially for home care:

  • Removing rugs or anything on the floor that would cause the elderly to slip or fall. Avoid any objects that would cause the aging people to fall when they walk.
  • Secure the handrails of the stairs. It is better to have a one-level home or facility that doesn’t require for them to go up and down the stairs. If not, provide them with a motorized chair that they can use to carry them up and down the stairs. Their frail bodies do not have enough energy to go up and down the stairs.
  • If in the bathroom, install non-slip strips to keep them from slipping in the bathroom especially if the bathroom floors get wet. Make sure to install hand rails as well around the bathroom walls where they can use for support.
  • Install ramps for easier access and adding secure hand rails for homes or facilities with stairs.
  • If they are left alone, make sure they have pre-cooked meals so all they have to do is reheat when they’re hungry.
  • Install a phone with large buttons for them to see and be easily accessible especially for those in wheelchairs. Make sure there is already a pre-programmed emergency numbers just in case.

However, if an elderly is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, never leave them alone. This is where a 24/7 home care assistance is needed. Other health conditions needing assistance will always require constant watch from either a family member or from a caregiver.

You can always ask the support from your family members or friends, your church, a social worker or therapist or from a local hospital. You don’t have to take all the responsibilities for yourself especially if both your elderly parents need help. This is a big responsibility and for a family member having limited knowledge, it is advisable to seek professional help.


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