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Guest Post: Effective Strategies to Promote Healthy Aging

Guest post written by Maya Pugh

 Pugh- healthy aging

A recent study showed that the last two decades has been a testament to people not only living longer but also staying healthier even in the latter years of their lives.


While this can be in part credited to medical advances, many also attribute this to many elderly embracing healthier choices to boost their chances of living longer and healthier lives.


Staying in the peak of health even way into your golden years is not a walk in the park. But then again, it’s not rocket science either. In essence, it’s all about striking the right balance between what you need to do and what you need to limit.


While there are a lot of factors you need to take into account to enjoy good health and long life, below are 3 of the most basic inclusions which should make it to your list of top priorities.




To stay healthy even in your golden years, you need to complement your healthy diet with ‘effective’ exercise.


That means you need to incorporate a few high-intensity routines into your exercise regimen. Studies show that interval-type and high-intensity trainings can dramatically boost your ‘human growth production’, a hormone believed to be essential for optimum vigor, strength and health.


In addition, it would prove beneficial if you are in the know as to the ideal and safe exercises for senior citizens  so you can reap its full benefits.


Taking a low-sugar diet


While many are not aware of it, limiting sugar can help promote longevity.


Some agents found in fructose produce toxic ‘advanced glycation end products’, otherwise referred to as AGEs. This end product is known to contribute to the development of many chronic degenerative diseases common among the elderly.


Ideally, daily sugar intake should be limited to below 25 grams per day. However, if you already have an elevated sugar level, keeping it below 10 grams is advisable.


In addition, it would be beneficial to integrate omega-3 rich foods in your diet. Research indicates that those who have around 8 percent of omega-3 in their diets live longer than those who have less than 4 percent to none.


Creating a positive outlook


Optimal health is only attained once you are able to address all the necessary components, including your emotional state.


It is believed that your emotional well-being can be a contributing factor in many physical afflictions ranging from depression, arthritis, heart disease and even cancer.


Countless centenarians credit positive thinking and optimism to their longevity. In line with this, you can look into prayer, social support, and meditations to help you address whatever underlying emotional issues you might need help with.


In terms of socialization, consider staying in a nursing home so you are able to mingle and at the same time, get the professional help and supervision you deem fit.


While many associate aging with chronic illnesses and discomforts, you can actually do something to help ensure you do not suffer the same fate. Start with the above mentioned essentials and work your way from there so you can enjoy a fun, healthy and comfortable life even in your golden years.



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