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Guest Post: Giving Your Home A Modern Look

Guest Post written by Paisley Hansen for Rustica Hardware:

Are you feeling as if your house is stuck in the stone age? Maybe you wish that you had a more modern home but don’t have the slightest clue where to start. You do not have to live in a traditional style setting if you don’t want to. Here are a few ideas that might help you to get the look that you desire.

1. The first thing you would need to do is get rid of unwanted items. De-cluttering and organizing your home will give the place a lighter feel, and will allow you to be more creative with the space. Get rid of unnecessary furniture, junk, magazines, boxes, you name it. Anything that doesn’t belong.

2. If you have colored walls, white may be the way to go, or black and white. It makes the room feel lighter and bigger, and decorating with color will give a nice modern look. If you do not like white walls, just choose your accessories carefully, whatever they may be. Modern upholstery is sweet on the eyes. Re-upholster your furniture with a more modern fabric, with colored cushions and creative, or even floral centerpieces to make your home look and feel relaxing. Fresh flowers are inviting and makes a room feel fresh and are beautiful to look at. You will me amazed to see the new look that you never thought you could do on your own.Modern_kitchen_gnangarra

3. Old doors may be replaced with sliding door hardware to change the style of your home and give it a brand new look, or to divide large rooms also. Sliding door hardware can be found at your local home development stores, such as Home Depot, or Lowe’s. You can paint them to match your walls, or to a contrast color of your liking. Your home will be on it’s way to looking like new.

4. Carpets are not always the most fun to things to clean at times. They are soft and warm, yes, but they trap dirt, gets dirty easily, and terrible if you have pets. Vacuuming takes a lot of time and you have to be very careful with them. Tile or wood flooring on the other hand, gives the place a very modern look and can be easily maintained and will last for years. Wooden floors are beautiful and natural, and can be refinished many times to freshen the look.

5. Update the lighting. Light fixtures have a massive impact on the feel of the environment. If you are going to replace one, replace them all. Add a striking visual effect to unexpected places, and add smaller and decorative chandeliers to children’s spaces.

6. Adding a large center rug with a large pattern can make a huge difference a room. You can find inexpensive rugs online, and in your local home goods stores as well.

7. You can mix things up a bit by adding modern to traditional, you don’t always have to make everything match. Say for instance your side lamps. Adding a little bit of one style to another style often creates a beautiful finish. You can add wall art. Decorative clocks, mirrors, and large pictures. They all provide a fun and visual focal point for any room.

8. There are a lot of fun ways to modernize your home, and if you also want a modern look for the outside as well, you will find it to be as much fun as the inside. You can take the same approach. Clean up the outside; mow the lawn, power wash the driveway and the walls if necessary. If you don’t already have them, plant some flowers and plants, and if you do, spread fresh mulch for a brand new look.Wood floor



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