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A Senior Couple Need to Make Their Exterior Steps Safer

Elsie and John replaced their steps to their back door last summer and they were told the texture paint that was applied would prevent them from slipping and last for years.  After one winter, this is what the steps looked like: Handi-treds 1

Yup, that is a carpet draped on the steps.  Even the poor dog had problems going in and out all winter long.  The snow sat on the wood and, well, you know what happened next. John slipped more than once and the dog just plain refused to go in and out.

The Dog...
The Dog…

The first step to fixing the steps involved removing the carpet runner and cleaning the steps off.  Handi-treds 2Luckily, Handi-Ramp Non-Slip Treads were an affordable and safe option for Elsie and John.  Elsie called them at (800) 876-7267. One of the things that sealed the deal was the fact that all treads are backed by a lifetime residential warranty. She ordered 4 of the 30″ Non-skid stair treads in silver. They were shipped through UPS and arrived at the door.  Handi-treds 4

Did You Know?… Slip and fall injuries are the seventh most frequent cause of death in the U.S.A (Source National Safety Council). (This was listed right on the Handi-Ramp website).

John pulled out the treads and decided instead of going across the full length of the steps to instead, put two deep on each step so “the dog” would not miss-step and still slip.  John pulled out his drill and the cordless screw driver and picked up the cell phone to call his daughter.  The kneeling was going to be too much to try and install himself.  Handi-treds 5In the package was a bag of screws.  The treads had holes pre-drilled in them for installation.  The only question his daughter had was, which way do these go? After some reasoning, they decided the engraved Handi-Treads name should be face up.  Handi-treds 7In twenty minutes, the treads were installed.  Pilot holes were made with the drill into the hard wood to make it much easier to install the wood screws.  One nice thing, there were extra wood screws sent in the package in case some got lost.

The Handi-treads are now installed and the steps are safe.
The Handi-treads are now installed and the steps are safe.

Serious seniors

For more information on Handi-treads, check out their website: https://www.handiramp.com/stairtreads/

There is a 10% discount if you use the discount code: BLOG2015


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