Guest Post: Moving a Senior – Tips and Tricks

This guest post is written by Marie Nieves – Editor, SmoothDecorator

Whether you’re moving your senior loved ones into a new apartment or a senior community, this whole process might be challenging. Moving out of the home where they spent many beautiful years is very tough on them, and that’s why it is important to take things slow. Take this couple of tips into consideration and make this transition into a new home pleasant for everyone.

Communication is the Key

No change is easy, especially if you’re leaving your home. Your aging parents will be emotionally attached to the apartment they’re leaving, so expect them to be sad and apprehensive about the move. It may be tough, but you have to talk to your parents about the move and ensure enough time for them to grieve. Talk about the new place where they will be living, explain the reasons for the move and just help them make the whole transition smoother. Additionally, when a senior has to leave their longtime home, they’ll start feeling loss of control and distress. That is why you should include your loved ones into making choices about the new home and allow them to make their own decisions.

Plan and Organize

Before moving your loved ones into their new home, you should make the plan of the whole apartment and how will it look. Include your aging parents into the whole process, and organize the new place on paper. After the plan has been completed, you can start organizing and sorting their belongings. Make a list of items and possessions your parents will need in the new home, including some pieces of furniture, clothes, hygiene products etc. Everything that hasn’t made the list of necessities should be left out. However, don’t be too harsh because all of those things mean something to your loved ones. Do all this organizing together and carefully figure out what your parents would love to bring into their new home.

Clean the Space

Whether your senior loved ones’ old home is rented or you plan on selling it, after packing there is still plenty to do. Help your aging parents clean up the rest of the home and repair anything there is. Dusting, vacuuming and cleaning the windows is where you should start and simply move on to the bigger projects. Maybe the roof needs repairing, gutters may need cleaning or bigger pieces of furniture should be repainted or polished. All that can take a few days off of your hands and you mustn’t leave your seniors do it alone. Better yet, if you think there are more important things to be done at the new home, you can always have someone help you with the end of lease cleaning and do the job professionally.

Keep the Memories

Most commonly, older adults move into smaller apartments or a care facility which makes them drastically downsize their belongings. Such harsh change is quite emotional and it’s the best to start early. However, besides the necessities, you should find the way to help your loved ones take sweet memories with them. Various photographs can be easily scanned and stored electronically and some of the most important ones they can carry in a small photo album. Other items are difficult to scan, but some possessions such as antique dishes, pieces of furniture or even pieces of clothes can be turned into memorable photographs and hung on the wall. Be patient and take enough time with your parents to organize all their memories and safely store them so they wouldn’t lose what has left of their old home.

Moving a senior - tips and tricks. Nieves

Overall, moving your senior parents or relatives is a complex task. The change is stressful and emotional for them and you should start preparing early for the big day. Talk to them, help them adapt quickly to the new place and moving will go easier.




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