Guest Post: Seniors and Divorces – Why It Happens and What Comes Next


Guest post submitted by Marie Nieves- SmoothDecorator


From 1990 onwards, the number of divorced seniors has doubled. Apparently, “gray” divorce has struck the population and more and more of seniors are calling for a divorce. Some psychologists find it scary while others see it as a perfectly normal thing. There are many things which might influence the divorce of the seniors, but one thing is for sure: what follows is more than heartbreaking. To find out why seniors are putting an end to it, linger here for a few moments and read on.

Drifting apart

They are not the same people they used to be 20 or 30 years ago. Once they go past the age of 60, things start to change, they start to change. Sooner or later, you will see these couples distanced. Drifting apart is a something that is most common among these couples. They start feeling dissatisfied and unhappy and want to seek happiness in their “final days”. Even though this may seem a little too bizarre, they find the courage needed to end it and focus on living their final days the way they wanted to.

2nd or 3rd marriage

The rate of divorce gets higher and higher for those who have previously married once or more. These marriages are traditionally more fragile and tend to break eventually. Just because people are together for a decade or two doesn’t mean they are happy. The most difficult thing in life is letting someone you love go. When you are young, this is quite a difficult task, almost impossible. But, when you reach this part of your life, you seem to look for happiness and go towards it. If something doesn’t make you happy, apparently, you will let it go.

An empty nest

There is a condition called “empty nest” which affects mostly seniors. Namely, after two people have raised their children and lead them to a proper path, they realize that they two have little in common. Suddenly, they start feeling empty and unhappy, and want to take a break from everything. They look for a divorce attorney and start things up. In some countries, online services like California Divorce Online seem to be popular, especially for seniors who are too old to go to court every day and finish all the paperwork. It is so much easier to simply file for a divorce and let someone else do the work for you. Using online services, they settle the dust between them and keep on living separate lives.

Potential problems

Scientists all over the world are worried about this “social phenomenon” which of recently affects more and more seniors. The question is being raised: Who will take care of these elderly if they split up? Logically, at later stage of life sickness tends to strike easily and spouse tends to take care of her husband and vice versa. But, once the two split up, who will take care of the other in these situations? They will simply become two individuals with no one to look after them, not even each other. Does this really make them happy? Is this the happiness they are looking for or is it just another mistake? I think we won’t know the answer until we reach their age.

Gray divorce is gaining momentum and it is worse and worse with each passing day. Trying to understand their separation is easy on one hand, but also very confusing and troubling on the other. One thing is certain: even though it might seem like separation is good for both and they both deserve to be happy, getting a divorce might do them both quite the opposite.

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