Guest Post: Stay Active With Gardening – Elder Friendly Upgrades

Photos and post written and submitted by Neil Adams (

Neil Adams Elder GardeningMany seniors enjoy gardening during the spring and summer. Not only that this hobby is an interesting way of spending your free time but it is also a very healthy way to get in touch with the nature. It provides us with a sanctuary from the challenges of our everyday lives. It also presents elders a possibility for light physical activities which is something that can be useful at any age.

There are many tools that are elder friendly and that have been created especially for seniors who want to remain active in this hobby. If you are a senior and are interested in gardening you might require some knowledge in elderly accessible gardens.

Creating an elder friendly garden

Some of the biggest problems elders might face with this hobby are low stamina and limited mobility. It can be quite difficult to run a garden if it is difficult to move around it. There are few things that can be done to make it easier for elders to access the plants in their gardens. Firstly, the garden beds can be raised so it is easier access to the plants.

Back problems are also one of the biggest problems many elders face. Running a garden can be much easier if you don’t have to squat in order to reach the plants. Placing a bench in your garden can be helpful as you will have a resting place if you start to feel tired. You should also choose some of the plants that are easy to care for.Neil Adams Gnome

Gardening tools for seniors

For many elders, handling the gardening tools can present a lot of trouble. Many conditions, for example arthritis, can make holding tools very painful. Foam grips can be added to the existing tools to make holding the tools more comfortable. Adding extension poles can save you the effort of stretching and leaning towards you plants.

Your gardening tools should have bright colors so they could be easily spotted. Many power tools can be very helpful and save elders a lot of effort. Having the right tools is something that can make gardening much easier. A wheeled gardening caddy is something that many seniors use in their gardens. It offers a much easier way for moving things around the garden without getting tired.Neil Adams senior garden

Planting tips for elders

If you do not have a big income, having a garden can turn out to be a very helpful hobby . Growing vegetables and fruits is an interesting hobby that can save you a lot of money. In addition to that, you can grow healthy food which will have a positive effect on your diet.

Especially on those who have a strict diet because of the medicines they take or because of the problems with kidneys, liver etc. Food from your garden can also create new enthusiasm for eating and sometimes the best vegetables and fruits are exactly those that you plant yourself. You should also think about which plants you want to have in your garden.

Fresh vegetables usually present no troubles for those with weaker teeth. Most of the vegetables are easy to chew and should definitely find a space in your garden. Herbs and spices such as basil and fennel can also be interesting choices as they can be used in cooking.

Careful planning and using some elder friendly tools can be an important hobby for elders. All of the tools that are designed especially for elders can make your hobby much more enjoyable. Also, if you follow the above mentioned tips it might take less effort and save much needed energy for the other things you might face in your everyday life.


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