Guest Post: 7 Decor Ideas for Elder-Friendly Design

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All interior designers know that apartment decoration depends on the occupants and, therefore, arranging space for the children and the adults can never be the same. However, decorating living area for the elders might be the most challenging part of a decorator’s job as they have to take both safety and aesthetics in consideration. Places where aging people live must not be full of dangerous corners and slippery floors and that is why they have to be elderly-friendly and safe. Here are seven effective décor ideas senior citizens might find interesting.

Lights all over the Place
Once you reach certain age, your eyesight deteriorates and living in an abundance of natural light is much easier and more pleasant than living in dark. That is why homes for the elderly people must be properly lit in their entirety and full of bright colors – from the bedroom and the living room to the staircase and the hall. With proper lighting, bumps, falls and injuries are prevented, which is quite important.

Heating Options
Seniors often experience temperature differently from younger people, so, when decorating, attention should be paid to introducing temperature-regulating options and separate thermostats. These are easily operated and can lower or raise the temperature quite quickly, making seniors’ homes cooler or warmer, as per their wishes.

Hide the Cables
Rooms full of cables are nothing but an accident waiting to happen – tripping over them is a risk all people face, regardless of their age. However, if the elderly cannot see these cables, the danger is much higher. In order to prevent injuries, hide the electric cords under the rug or secure them onto the walls.

Bathroom Safety
Properly seniorizing your home also means ensuring safety in the bathroom. Besides the dangers of a slippery bath, not even toilets are safe for older people. Due to that, installing grab-bars and a step-in shower will make their life much easier, as well as introducing a shower chair and rubber non-slip mats.

Kitchen Decoration
Elderly sometimes have a hard time reaching kitchen cabinets, so they should be more accessible. Installing drawers will be helpful, as well raising countertops – that way, there will be no more stopping and bending when preparing food.

Floors and Rugs
Besides having non-slip flooring and tiles, the elderly people also love rugs: they provide warmth and comfort and bring more elegance into their homes. In addition to including all of these features, Zado rugs also add to the aesthetic value and ensure maximum safety from slips and falls.

Security System
This is not a decorating idea per se, but something that seniors definitely need, especially when living alone. They are easily targeted by the burglars and thieves, so having a security system with a remote control and an emergency button that can be carried around will make them much less worried about their safety.

Other Ideas
Apart from these ideas, elder-friendly home decoration can also include handrails on stairs, new lever handles and doorknobs, single-handled faucets and a bench in the hallway. Finally, a home occupied by an elderly person should be safely proofed in order to reduce the risk of injuries.

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