Guest Post: Shabby Chic Design in Your Bedroom Chic Interior Design

This guest post is provided by Paisley Hansen-
Shabby Chic Design in Your Bedroom

One of the most popular styles to use in bedrooms is a shabby chic design that embraces a whimsical and soft look. From frilly curtains to rustic headboards, there are plenty of elements to enjoy for a rustic style that offers a bit of glam. When designing your bedroom and creating the overall look, there are a number of ways to embrace the style for a chic and gorgeous setting that will allow you to feel at home.

Purchase Worn Furniture Pieces

White or ivory furniture pieces that have a worn or aged look are ideal for the shabby chic design and will create a bright setting that isn’t too modern. Homemakers can easily transform old wood pieces by repainting the surface and sanding it down. Crackle paint can also be used to create an antique style that is both natural and lovely. The furniture pieces can include barn door hardware for extra detail and character that will add extra dimension to the space.

Use Oversized Headboards

The shabby chic design is known for incorporating a number of dramatic features in the room for pieces that stand out. Large, oversized headboards often work as the focal point in the bedroom for a piece that is both, but still offers instant glam. Opt for using an upholstered headboard in a light or neutral shade for a feminine look. Sleigh beds offer the same effect and can even have a light blanket or throw placed at the end for a cozy tone.

Incorporate Metallic Pieces

One of the most common features of the shabby chic design are metallic pieces that work to furnish different parts of the room. Use mercury glass candleholders or vases to decorate a vanity or dresser. The vases can hold large peony flowers or pink roses for an incredible way to add a gorgeous effect. To achieve the same look, a number of mirrors can also be used on the walls or above the bed for an easy way of making the room look larger and more glam. Consider grouping different styles of antique or thrifted mirrors for an eclectic look that doesn’t have to match or look uniform.

Use Clean Bedding

One of the most important aspects of the shabby chic style is having a space that looks clean and comfortable. Shabby chic offers a minimal amount of colors and makes use of a neutral palette that is natural and organic. This is most important with the type of bedding that is used, which should include a large duvet cover that offers a full and luxurious appearance. Consider adding multiple pillows to the bedding, along with a decorative floral skirt for extra fabric that will create a whimsical and dreamy style near the floor.

Hang Decorative Chandeliers

Add extra lighting in the room with an item that is both functional and stylish. Consider hanging a decorative chandelier overhead for a dramatic piece that ties each feature of the room together. The chandelier should have an antique or rustic look for an accessory that instantly determines the style that is used in the bedroom. The look will also allow the shabby chic decor to look romantic for a setting that is comfortable and regal. Other lamps or lighting that are used in the room should complement the style of the chandelier for various lighting options that will create a warm tone.

Hang Old Frames and Windows

To furnish and dress up the walls, hang empty frames for items that can easily be found at flea markets or second-hand stores. The crackle paint effect can be used on each frame to match the surrounding furniture items. Old windows can also be hung on one or two walls for a beautiful element that adds extra character and creates a cozy effect with the shabby chic design.


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