Contributed Post: Should you have a Separate Room for Bathroom and Toilet if you are a Senior?

Pic 1 - Bathroom & toiletThe Bathroom is the most commonly visited room in the house. The older you get, some otherwise ordinary and simple tasks are becoming a hassle. Making your bathroom and toilet safer and more accessible is a must, and separating those rooms is just one of the ways to do it. Safety and comfort should be the guidelines when redesigning the bathroom and toilet, so that you are sure you are spending your golden years in the best possible terms. In further text we’ll discuss why it is beneficial to separate these rooms and how to make them hazards-free.
The Benefits of Separated Bathroom and Toilet
Separating these two rooms is useful in many ways. If you are not living alone, and your partner or a friend sometimes spends a lot of time in one of them, when you need to use the room, you have to wait. Having separated toilet can protect you from the germs, which would, otherwise arrived to your personal hygiene space. Also, you can have long baths without the stress that someone will knock on the door and rushing you to go out.
Shower Design
When redesigning the bathroom you must reconsider the conventional shower design. Depending on your needs, wheel-in, walk-in with a curb-less entrance are good ideas for both showers and bathtubs. Adding a non-slipping coating is a must. Grab bars and shower seat will prove helpful in many occasions. You can find showers with such items built in or you can install them later. A detachable shower head can contribute to safety and comfort you are trying to achieve.
Slip Hazards
The most dangerous fact when it comes to bathroom and toilet is that they can be slippery places. Still, there is no reason to despair, everything can be a lot easier if you take precautionary measures. Applying some kind of anti-slip coating to your existing tiles should solve the problem. Bathmats and rugs are also a good idea. They can prevent falls and absorb moisture. It is important that they too are non-slip and well placed.
Sink and Vanity
The storage in the bathroom should be accessible without too much effort. The medicine cabinet shouldn’t be placed to high, and horizontal storage is, perhaps, a better option than vertical. Sink should also be placed low, preferably waist-high. Today there is a wide range of tapware offered online, and you should look into that before making a decision to install them into your bathroom and toilet. It is crucial that you choose the ones facilitating the usage and that are made to last.
Life-saving Grab Bars
Your motto should be: Grab bars; Grab bars everywhere. They will contribute to safety like no other item in your toilet or bathroom. Grab bars should be placed in and around the bathtub and shower, near sink, on either side of the toilet, etc. They don’t have to be metal-looking and cold. If you opt for veneered or colored options, they can serve as a part of the bathroom design. To be sure that you are completely safe, consider textured bars for extra gripping.
Your toilet and bathroom should be designed based on your needs and wishes. Just remember, safety comes first.

Marie Nieves Editor, SmoothDecorator
Guest Post Author: Marie Nieves editor Smooth Decorator.

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Marie Nieves is student of economics who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas. She is an avid lover of photography interested in interior and exterior design. Marie loves to talk about her experiences and she is regular author on Smooth Decorator. You can find Marie on Facebook or follow her on Twitter and G+.


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