Guest Post: What are the Qualities of an Excellent Caregiver

Leandro Miller Qualities of Caregiver

What are the Qualities of an Excellent Caregiver?

When choosing a caregiver for the golden years, make sure to select an individual who you’ll not only assure you of quality custodial service. You do not only need the best and specialized care – you also deserve to have someone you can trust and be with, even during the “down” days.

A recent guest post on Design With the Future in Mind pointed this topic out, and we’d like to take the opportunity to discuss more on what makes a caregiver great. We hope that the mentioned qualities below will help you choose a companion for life:

Above and Beyond Custodial Care

It’s probably a given, but a caregiver who does not ensure an elder’s safety and well-being isn’t worth your time. But more than providing a technical and custodial-specific skillset, make sure to choose a caregiver that will also provide and foster an emotional connection. Family caregivers, who may often find themselves having the responsibility to look after older relatives, can opt to view the calling as an opportunity to forge a more powerful relationship.

For professional caregivers, however, one must take the time to find that “spark” in the connection. Comfort through an emotional bond is essential during the retirement years. With news of elder abuse and mismanagement of caregiver services, seniors definitely need to prioritize and see if a caregiver is worth having around.

More than being able to provide the care needed, the best caregivers offer the gift of companionship. So please (we couldn’t stress this enough), choose wisely.

Knows When to Take a Break

Caregiver stress, the strain that one feels when looking after an elder, is real and should be discussed by more people. Occurring even among the most resilient caregivers, this type of stress, if not addressed, can lead to emotional and physical turmoil. As a result, caregivers who fall into this pit may not be able to provide the required services for elders.

As such, caregivers who acknowledge the importance of fighting stress are keepers. Instead of feeling guilty of not being able to be there when a recipient needs them, caregivers need to recognize and see the many benefits of taking a break has for their calling. From being able to catch some much-needed sleep to using the time to reconnect with their friends and learn more about retirement solutions, caregivers who take a break can offer more for their elders.

Offers Solutions as a Team Player

Lastly, an excellent caregiver recognizes the importance of being transparent. Retirement and caregiving are two factors that are best tackled as a team. This means that caregivers who are patient to an elder’s feedback, learns more of new changes and retirement concepts, and offers more ways for a recipient to feel satisfied during the twilight years, are individuals providing only the best for beneficiaries.

Do you have other points to share on what makes an excellent caregiver? Please share it with us below.

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Leandro Mueller

As the Online Content Director of, Leandro Mueller aims to push for awareness and promotion of the many benefits of Medigap insurance plans in the market. He hopes that his work will help boomers and retirement industry experts alike in their lives. Additionally, he hopes that more people will learn how to compare Medicare Supplement Plans, to secure the future that they deserve.


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