Guest Post: It’s Never too Late to get Fit

Contribution from freelance writer Jess Walter <> who said she was writing this post because a 78-year-old woman inspired her to finally join a gym and do it properly this time. 

Shirley Webb holds the world record for dead-lifting a barbel. A few years ago she lifted a 228-pound barbel with ease. That might not sound like much to some bodybuilder and weightlifters, but it is worth remembering that Shirley was 78 at the time. Knowing her age changes a few thoughts about her achievement, don’t they?

Not everyone her age, or even many younger, can do what she did. Lifting a 228-pound barbel does not have to be an ambition anyway. No matter your age, getting fit and eating well has a wide range of health benefits. These range from lower blood pressure and healthier hearts, to better brain function and improved mood.

When getting back into exercise as a senior, whether you are 60 years old or 80 years old, here’s a few basic tips:

  1. Find a workout buddy
  2. Hire a patient and knowledgeable personal trainer
  3. Set realistic fitness goals

Take your time and slowly you will get there. There is more information out there on getting fit as a senior, including more in these three tips inspired by a weightlifting grandma.

Jess Walter is a freelance health and nutrition writer and has teamed up with a small senior care advice and resource site to develop a guide on how senior citizens can take inspiration from Shirley Webb and while maybe not dead-lift huge weights, improve their health and mental well-being through exercise. If you have an extra minute, you can check out her article here: