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Contributed Post: How Home Health Care Is Helping Older Adults Thrive

We all want to see our aging loved ones do well and thrive, but sometimes a lack of independence, the inability to care for themselves, or mental health issues can lead to a decline in quality of life. It is where home health care services come in. Home Health Care Agencies offer valuable services to help seniors live safely while receiving the care they need. They provide personalized care to patients of all ages, helping them live more productive, fulfilling lives.

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Aging in Place and Holiday Survival

Elsie and John are celebrating the holidays simply this year. Christmas dinner is being simplified and the decorations are going to be minimal. Why? Because things are much harder these days for this senior couple and simplification HAS to happen.

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Contributed Post—Savvy Seniors: Save Your Money!

As we get older, the age on our driver’s license goes up, and our incomes go down. But, this does not mean that we cannot continue to enjoy an active and wholesome lifestyle. It just takes a bit of financial creativity. Keep reading for tips.

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Contributed Post: Fall Prevention Tips and Best Practices for Seniors

Aging in place is something many of us aim to do as we grow older, but we often need to make some changes to our lifestyle and living environments in order to make it happen. With these tips and resources, you’ll learn how to modify our home and lifestyle for aging in place — and ensure optimal health, happiness, and physical fitness in our Golden Years.

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Contributed Post: Your Guide to Moving to Idaho

Moving to Idaho? There are a lot of great things to love about this state. From beautiful natural landscapes to enticing economic opportunities, Idaho has something for everyone. There are robust job opportunities in various industries from tech to healthcare, and the cost of living is one of the lowest in the western states. Plus, you’ll enjoy opportunities for outdoor recreation! Of course, moving to a new state is always a bit of a process. You have to pack up all of your stuff, transfer your utilities, find new service providers, update your license, and find your way around an unfamiliar area.

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Contributed Post: How To Care For an Aging Parent With Dementia At Home?

Taking care of an Aging Loved one is a long, stressful, and complex task. It becomes a burden that can be difficult to handle when the patient has dementia. The disorder causes some memory and decision-making problems, coupled with an increased risk of accidents, leading to taking care of a family member with dementia even more challenging. There are many things that caretakers should remember when caring for someone who has dementia at home. But to give the best care for loved ones with this condition, one must familiarize the nature of the disease and how it affects them.

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Aging in Place vs. Assisted Living: What’s Best for Your Loved One

Contributed post by Harry Kline Photo from Pexels When it’s time to consider moving your older loved one’s living situation, it is easy to feel anxious about making the right choice. Looking at key information such as your budget or the senior’s care requirements can help you narrow down what you should choose. Whether it… Continue reading Aging in Place vs. Assisted Living: What’s Best for Your Loved One